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A Volunteers Story:

From Alyssa, Student Volunteer

I never planned on specializing in the nursing field dealing with geriatrics. However, after undergoing this experience with Mrs. Trudy and reading the Caregivers Community Network handbook, I truly hold a great appreciation for the individuals that do take care of this age range. My opinion of the nursing field has also changed drastically. I realize now that I can handle and help people much older than myself. I also become aware of the fact that although an individual may be three-times my age, I can still find many similarities to talk about. Mrs. T coming into my life totally changed my outlook on working with elder people. I grew so fond of Mrs. T, that for the remainder of my time here at James Madison University, I promised her that I would come visit her and call year ‘round, just to make sure she was doing okay. My experience with the Caregivers Community Network has truly opened my eyes to something new and I will never forget a second of my time shared with my special lady, Mrs. T. Thank you so very much for allowing JMU students to adventure into the community and experience such a great understanding of how important elderly needs are. - Alyssa D, student volunteer